The First Period   It all began with “Daihachi Guruma”
The first owner Toyosaku Yamazaki founded a small liquor shop Yamazaki Saketen in Shizuoka city.
He was selling Sake and Miso to neighbors by a cart “Daihachi Guruma” - the origin of Vinos Yamazaki.
Tastumi Yamazaki, the second generation,
started to help his father.
“Are there no any good local Sake breweries in Shizuoka?”
Toyosaku and Tastumi began a long journey to seek for unknown
but wonderful local Sake breweries in Shizuoka.

The Second Period
“Innovation” Change to Specialty Store
Yamazaki Saketen launched a campaign of local Sake in Shizuoka by using newspaper and magazine advertisement for over 7 years, as a pioneer of Jizake boom.
Yamazaki Saketen was transformed into “Yamazaki
Co., Ltd”.
Won “Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize” in National Retail Competition.

The Third Period    “Turning Point” Start of Wine Import Business
Yuko Tanemoto (present COO), the third generation and a daughter of Tastumi, joined in her family business. She started to import wines directly from oversea wineries.

The Fourth Period    “Challenge” The First Store in Tokyo
With the support of a lot of customers, Vinos Yamazaki opened its first shop in Tokyo in SEIBU SHIBUYA department store.
A lot of unique tasting events, such as wine parties and seminars with wine makers, were planned to make people enjoy wines more easily.
The first big wine festival “Kura no Saiten” was held around then.
Yamazaki Co., Ltd. changed its name to “Vinos Yamazaki Co., Ltd”.
Vinos Yamazaki opened the first street level store in Hiroo.
A lot of hit wines were released and have been supported by customers.

The Fifth Period    “Maturation” On behalf of the Customers
The flag ship store, Yurakucho store, was opened.
7 retail stores were opened for following 4 years until 2011
Jiyugaoka store, Numadu store were opened.
Sapporo store, Nakameguro store were opened.
Tama-Plaza store, Kyoto store were opened.
Vinos Yamazaki was changing from “Import Wine Shop” to “Creative Wine Shop”. A lot of big hit original wines were created by customers’ feedback.

The Sixth Period    “Step Up” Further Growth to Global Company
The 6th Wine Festival was held with 2,000 participants.
Shin-Shizuoka Cenova store was opened.
4 stores (Kobe, Yokohama, Tokorozawa, and Shinagawa) were opened.
he first oversea branch and store was opened in Shanghai.
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