Operation system

A Distribution Revolution

Vinos Yamazaki has created a revolutionary system of retail distribution for wine in Japan. Handling all facets of importing and distribution in-house, we exhibit greater control over the entire process to insure the high quality of our wine. Through this method the best possible wine for the best possible price is accessible to our customers. Our buyers visit vineyards around the world to taste each wine and to establish deep relationships with grape growers, wine producers, and chateau owners. Unlike most wine retailers in Japan, we actually have personal relationships with the producers of each and every bottle in our stores. Our highly trained tasters meet directly with producers to judge and inspect the caliber of their products. Shipping wine is a delicate matter. For example, it can easily become spoiled due to changes in temperature. Extreme care is taken to make sure our wine will not be damaged during the shipping process. Arrangements are made so that all wine is transported in temperature-controlled refrigerated containers directly from the vineyard. These containers are then loaded onto ships. This insures that the wine gets to Japan in exactly the same pristine condition in which it was found?at the vineyard. Wine producers praise us for this because they are confident that the quality of their product remains unchanged on its journey to Japan. The wine imported by Vinos Yamazaki arrives in perfect condition to the international port city of Shimizu, Japan. It is then immediately unloaded and stored in our own temperature-controlled warehouse located right at the port. Nothing is left to chance. The close proximity of the warehouse to the docks dictates that the wine doesn’t have to be moved very far which helps to settle it after the long trip. Quickly unloading from one temperature-controlled environment to another means that the wine has absolutely no opportunity to be damaged by sudden or drastic changes in temperature. It never sits outside. The Shimizu warehouse is used as the central point for domestic distribution. The shelves of all the Vinos Yamazaki branches are replenished from here. We also have a special delivery service available to customers where wine is shipped directly to their homes. With this importing and distribution process it is possible to put top-class wine into the hands of our customers for very reasonable prices. Our bottles have extraordinary value. We act as the unbroken link from the wine producers to the final customers, putting enthusiastic wine drinkers in direct contact with the passion of the winemakers.

Operation system
  Buyers personally travel to vineyards to taste each wine and establish strong relationships with wine producers.
  Each bottle arrives in Japan in refrigerated containers to insure the quality of the wine.
  Arriving in perfect condition the wine is immediately stored in our very own temperature-controlled warehouse at Yokohama port. 
  Superb wine is available to be sent directly to customers and for Vinos Yamazaki store shelves.
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